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Tired of having to buy and read entire textbooks just to get into a hobby? Pinkhack is a functioning roleplaying game system that requires the reading of a single sheet (front and back). If you want to start something quickly, this ruleset emphasizes creative freedom and speed of play. Did I mention it is only a single sheet (front and back) that you need to print and it has all the rules?

Anyway! A big world of big fantasy awaits you in this small packing! Pinkhack distills the tabletop fantasy role playing game (RPG) experience in its most meaningful units! Choose a class and play with a GM and other friends by describing actions and rolling funky dice! Offers a combat system quite independent of ability scores and non-combat resolutions are made by ability checks where you roll a d20 under your score to succeed.

This system does not feature species mechanics as well as alignment, but what it does feature is a robust combat and spell system with math somewhat similar to other games, you may find luck converting your current favourite oldschool modules to Pinkhack adventures.



  • 2/8/2020: grammar and spelling mistakes right after launch.

Install instructions

Game is only available in PDF. It prints alright!


Pinkhack 1e-Basic rules-v2.pdf 112 kB